Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake Up - Wee - Weigh In - NUDE!!!

Well that is exactly what i did yesterday and Poo, shit, bum!!! It was not good. I didnt' post yesterday because i thought that maybe if i didn't acknowledge it it would go away. Haha WRONG!!!!

Now my weight as of yesterday was 70.2kgs WTF??? Not a happy camper. I was so friggin close last week. 300 grams off of my goal weight and BOOM up to that. Damn it. Now it is that time of the month and i do put on at least a few kgs BUT really now. I don't want to wait till next week to hit my weight. It was kind of depressing.

I did manage to get out and exercise yesterday morning but didn't do much. I had DOMS something terrible. I have really been upping my training with my legs and my Ass, now i need my ass to sit up by itself and not giggle so much when i walk. Tone tone tone is what i have been focusing on. SO i was feeling down and crappy, just wanted to eat all the chocolate in the world when DADA i get a text. It was from my personal trainer who just happens to be the current Australian Light Middle weight boxing champ. I have been training with him for a while now but he had a bit of time off due to him getting married and going away. I also had some time off of boxing with my injuries BUT it was just what i needed at the time. He said you keen to get back into it tomorrow morning ... I was like HELL YEH!!! It was just what i needed, a good kick up the bum.

So i trained hard this morning and smashed out 415 calories in a half hour session. Oh how i have missed my boxing training, i bloody love it. You get to smash those pads .... oh it feels so good. So thank you Tyrone for that life saving text, because of that little text i am back in the game and more focused than ever now.

Ready to smash out these last few weeks and finish just the way i started.

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