Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LISA CURRY - What more can i say!!

When an awesome opportunity came my way to train with Lisa Curry how could i say no. Who cares if i had to get up at 4am and make the 1 and a half hr drive to the sunshine coast. That's nothing!!! Pffft well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

When Lisa posted on her facebook page that she was holding an open training session in Alexandra Headlands i immediately rang my sister and told here that we had to do this. She was like yes for sure and then when we started to work out what time we had to get up, how long the drive was, whether or not she had to take the kids, it all started to seem a little to hard but JFDI thats what we did. Up at 4am, my sister had to drag her kids out of bed (along with a niece to look after them while we trained) then off on a road trip to train with Lisa Curry OMG.

We arrived and it was still dark (yay not). Slowly more and more people showed up. There were quite a few of us that made the trip down from Brisbane, What an awesome effort. We went and met Lisa and WHOA she was buff as. Her guns were amazing and she looked fab. I was a little star struck as i was a huge fan of her when she was a swimmer and Grant when he was a life saver. She was so lovely and really down to earth. We had the best session. The sun was rising over the water, we were training on the top of the hill with the waves crashing below ...... now this is my dream workout location. We jogged, we smashed our legs, we ran up hills and we annihilated our abs. WOW what a session. I managed to burn 780 calories in the hour and man she made us work hard for them.

After the session we all got a photo, even my little nephews who we dragged out of bed managed get in the photo, so cute!!! Because they were such good boys we promised them a swim in the ocean ........ The best finish ever to an awesome start to the day. Mooloolaba was amazing and so busy so early in the morning. The water was so refreshing, definately worth the 4am wake up call.

I would do it again in a heart beat.

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