Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake Up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Done this on Wednesday but not bloody happy. A gain of 600grams. I have not been sticking to the program and i am losing focus. So i am now sitting at 69.1kgs. Damn you food, i just gotta keep my damn mouth SHUT!!!!

Ok so i have to set myself up to succeed. Need to re visit pre season tasks and get rid of all the shit food in my cupboard. I also have to get back to early morning training sessions. I struggle to get it done if i try and leave it for later in the day.

It is also TTOTM, girlys have come for a visit. Normally i can gain anywhere from 500g to 2 kgs so BLAH BLAH BLAH. I just gotta sort my shit out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My training environment

Well this is it. My training space, my little cave that i love to hide away in. Don't mind the rubbish in the corner, the bikes and buckets in the other and the garden tools on the wall. I just push all that to the side to get my little bit of training space that i need. Unfortunately this is what reality looks like .............. we would all like that gym that has wall to wall mirrors, all the best equipment, loads of space to move around etc etc but it just doesn't' happen here. But hey i'm not complaining, i just make do with what i got.

Now i am lucky enough to have one of those hubbies that is obsessed with setting the gym up really nice and buying all the top equipment, have a tv and stereo system in there and mats on the ground because he is obsessed with UFC. (Not that he gets in there very often to use it but hey, Thanks baby) WE have loads of stuff in the gym. Weights, Smith bench, Tready, Boxing bag, Fitball, pads and skipping ropes just to name a few so i have pretty much everything in there that i need to smash out a workout.

So this is it, between here and the Brisbane river run, this is where i get my workouts done. I love to mix it up a little and go to boxing sessions and swimming as well. But my most favourite thing to do at the moment is RUNNING. (Hence my Blog name) And the Brisbane river run is just so peaceful with stunning views. There are stairs, hills, road and grass so you can mix it up along the way. I love our City!!!!

Below are a few pics of me after i had just finished an EPIC training session in my home gym, BUGGERED. I burned 780 calories in 1hr 14min. Even my legs were sweating, YUK!!! Haha and looking very Sexy .............. NOT!!!!

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake Up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Today this equals the HAPPY neked dance .......... Whoop Whoop!!! 68.5kgs today bitches. I can not tell you how happy this makes me. I have been working really hard this week with training (nutrition not so well) BUT i have put in a few EPIC workouts due to my nutrition not being so good and it has payed off. OMG i can see the finish line ever so close.

Now this day nearly didn't have such a great start. I had my alarm set for 4.45am just like every other morning. It went off and i hit snooze. I then started arguing with myself in my head whether i should get up or not, yes, no, i'll workout later. Then all the things came into my head that i had to do today, will i get time, no i will do it later. Then low an behold my daughter woke up screaming 'Im busting' i was like what, now, what the heck. Damn so then i had to get out of bed and run her to the toilet. I was not happy at the time and had a big grumpy frown on my sleepy wake up face BUT thank you my baby girl for making mummy get out of bed. Once i was up i done a wee and weighed in. Once i seen those scales i was determined to get out there and smash a session out.

The world works in mysterious ways doesn't it!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake Up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Ok so i am still doing the happy dance today even if i haven't lost anything. The same as last week 69.9kgs.

I am happy kinda but was silently hoping that i had lost approx 500g. I know where i went wrong, even after my Epic weekend of exercise that i had i still was in the wrong mindset. Treating myself to a choc top ice cream because i had worked so hard ... Damn you Choc top!!! There we go again damn Food rewards. And to make it worse i haven't trained this week yet, just couldn't be bothered. What a cool excuse hey!!!

Anyway enough of the CRAP talk. I am the same weight, fine. I will work harder this week on nutrition and training. Man i gotta get my shit together if i wan to run this half marathon on the Gold Coast.

Pull ya finger out woman xx

Big Weekend for Run Mumma Run

HOLY MOLY what a weekend Run Mumma Run had. How awesome was it???? It was great fun. It started with Parkrun ........ now i have decided that this is my new Fav thing to do on a Saturday morning and doing with my Sissy makes it so much more fun. I wasn't really feeling it though this week, thought i would struggle a little but HELL no i smashed my last time by 2mins and 48 sec BOOM!!! And that was even with a quick stop and run off to the bushes because i thought i was going to spew ... Shame!!! But alas i didn't. Whoop whoop what a start to a great weekend.

Next was the IWD fun run with the 12WBT ladies on Sunday morning. I was very lucky that the in laws come over to take my kids for the day so that i could do this event, (hubby worked Saturday night and he was getting home as i was leaving, so i don't think he could of stayed up till i got home later in the day.) I am very grateful to have such great support around me. Now this event was SO much fun. We all got dressed up in our Tutus and Tiaras for something to do. It was great to finally get to meet some the girls and put faces to forum names and Facebook profiles. Now i was feeling mighty cute in my Tutu and Tiara and i felt like i could run a marathon lol. Now we knew that the time would not be so good due to all the people so we just decided to have some fun and that we did.

As we were jogging along with some of the other girls having a laugh i heard "Run Mumma Run", it was one of the other girls that i had met at Parkrun on Saturday morning . Haha my sister says to me 'your famous' lol we could not stop laughing. Yes i am, yes i am famous NOT. We had a great time and next time we are going to make mum do it with us.

So after the run the hot stepped it to New Farm park for our first session of PIP. Whooooo it was a tough one. Lucky it rained on us so it kept us nice and cool but that didn't help me hold those bloody static whatever you call them. They were a killer. It was great to meet Mase and Angela. It was also great seeing some of the other ladies backing it up after the fun run.

Let's just say that on Monday morning my 5 year old daughter had to help/kick me out of bed. Sore Sore Sore everywhere. Legs and Abs especially. But it was a good sore. I couldn't even sit on the toilet and then it hurt when i was laughing at myself trying to sit on the toilet, total comedy of errors happening right there.

So that was my Mini Milestone weekend, It was fun, it was tough, it was a big one and i loved it. Wish i could do that every weekend.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

On struggle street

I have really been struggling for about a week now. Just been feeling really flat and very tired and not into it. I mean i have been still working out but only to the point where i have burnt enough calories and that is it. I know that i could of gone so much harder. I have found that i don't need to work up such a sweat on my trusty old exercise bike and that makes me feel like i am taking the easy road.

I have been bad with my nutrition, chocolates and lollies seem to be sneaking back in to my daily routine. I have also been struggling with my injury and that has really upset me. I can't do what i love the most and it pisses me off. I have been playing games inside my own head. I have been in pain and i just want it to stop. I have been feeling like why even bother. I had a really emotional day yesterday. I just could not get up early to go for my run and that made me shitty for the rest of the day. I had errands to run and with 2 kids in tow it turned out to be a Mission Impossible, i was ready to throw in the towel (with the errands that is) I did however get to have a nana nap, hoping that i would wake up nice and refreshed BUT hell no. It was still the same old shit at a later time. My kids just seemed to be getting under my skin and i hate how i take my frustrations out on them. I was getting more and more pissed off because i knew i wasn't going to workout because my shoulder/back was just killing me all day. MR Physio says "Just try to rest it, don't pick things up, try not to use it' Mr Physio you do know that i have 3 kids and ahousehold to take care of, so that aint gana happen. I have been living on painkillers and antiinflammatorys and i hate it.

I have been in pain for days and it has made me so grateful for my healthy body and all the things it allows me to do, i just want it back. I miss it!! So i think i need to go back and relook at my pre-season tasks. I need to stop comparing myself to my last round . I need to stop thinking that i know everything and just do what i am told by Mish. I need to catch up on the mindset videos that i have not watched yet. I know what i need to do to get me out of this rut BUT i just have to do it. I am dirty at myself for letting me get to this stage. There is no one else that can do anything about it but ME.

I layed in bed this morning after my 4.45am alarm went off thinking and arguing with myself whether to get up or not. I knew that to get my workouts done i NEED to get back to waking up early every morning and just JFDI!! I have been really slack with this and have just been trying to do it in the daytime when i get a chance, sometimes that just doesn't happen. So i finally got out of bed after arguing with myself for about 20mins. 'Just get the Hell up' is what finally got me out of bed. Got training gear on and off i went half asleep. Now i know that if i make the trip to the city and run around the river i would be right. Once i get there i fall in love with running all over again. There are so many people out running and doing training sessions that it brings a smile to my face ...... for me it's like i'm home!!! It's a great feeling.

So i am happy to say that after a 6km run in just under an hour, fresh air going into my lungs, beautiful music playing in my ears and the awesome scenery that Brisbane city has to offer i am feeling great. I came home pumped and excited for the day. I came home to my big girl getting herself breakfast and the other 2 still sleeping in bed with daddy. All my babies woke up in a happy mood, mum is in a happy mood, i got my daughter to school on time and i credit all this to my ME time that i took for myself this morning. If i start the day right then everything else will fall into place ......... Family Bliss!!!!

I am super excited for the weekend. I have Parkrun planned for Saturday and then the IWD run on Sunday followed by the PIP bootcamp. I'm going to back it up on Sunday and i can't wait. This is just the kick start i need to get me back in the groove.

This was the full moon still shining bright as i drove to the city this morning to go for my run. How cool is that!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Officially in the 60's bitchessssssss!!!! Holy moly can i be any happier. I woke up this morning so not looking forward to weighing in. I have just had a BLAH week. I have had an injury that i have not been able to get rid of, i have had to give up my most favourite thing in the world, boxing, and i have not been sticking to my nutrition 100%. Some sneaky bloody chocolates have beenjumping in my mouth .... Arrrgggghhhhhh!! I have still been training but only doing what i can, mostly exercise bike. I have been for a few light runs BUT not as much as i would like because of my back, shoulder and neck. Still surprised that i managed to drop 500grams this week.

This is what happened last round. I smashed it till week 4 and then fell off the wagon for the next 4 weeks. I am so determined not to let this happen again. WHY??? Because i am so close to my goal weight. Because i have 1 certain goal that i want to achieve. Because i don't want to let myself or my family and friends down. Because i just want my family to be proud of me.

So 69.9kgs it is as of today. So this has driven me even more to work harder and eat clean.

I also heard from my older sister today who is doing this program as well. She has lost 4.9kgs in total and 12 cms off of her stomach. WOWY!! She has also stayed alcohol free for 4 weeks, which for her is an amazing feat. I am so proud of her and i love my big sissy more than she knows.

My little sissy is doing it also but she has not done so well this week with a gain BUT i tried to explain to her that this will happen, it is how we pick ourselves up after this that is the true test. I will be getting to her this week and organising some sessions together to help her along. Let's smash it together sissy!!!!! I am super proud of my sister for making the time for herself to do this. She is a mummy to 2 handsome little men and her partner works away for 3 weeks at a time, SUPER mum or what. I love you Nelly xx xx

These girls inspire me to be a better sister, wife and mother. Thanks sissy's xx xx
I can't believe that this is the most recent photo of us 5 sisters. This was last year in July. Oh my god, it just goes to show that we don't get together often enough. My sisters from youngest to oldest. Love your bums bums!!!!!