Sunday, June 17, 2012

L&S baby

Totes loving this program baby!!! I have increased my weights a few times in the last few weeks. I am really noticing the difference in my lower body strength. Man my legs are strong. Stronger than i give them credit for. Now my upper body is what i was having issues with, i was not quite getting there with the increase in weight and i was doubting myself again. (Damn i hate the games my dumb head plays on me) BUT then i got on my trusty ol Lean & Strong facebook page and asked the question and like ALWAYS they came through with the goods and made me feel better. I love that damn Page!!! So i went in to my brand new workout today with an open mind and really strong muscles haha and VOILA BOOM BANG i was doing my first few reps with ease so UP went the weight. Totes Loved the feeling babe!!! I was smashing out the reps with the Chest press. Feeling OOOOOOOORRRRRRSome right about now.

I love the feeling of getting stronger, i love the feeling of pumping out all those reps and still having some left in the tank. I love how i can smash out MAN push ups (on my toes) I am so much more stronger than i give myself credit for. 

I recently got told that my shoulders are looking good ........ Damn right they are looking good. I have been working my ASS off. I can not wait to see the way my body has changed over the next 9 weeks. Bring it i say!!! Now the eating thing is NOT so good for me. I am still trying to figure out what works for me. I am increasing my protein intake and still really hungry some days so still doing lots of trial and error to see just how many calories my body needs. Still learning how to FUEL up my body. 

This is a pic that i took at the beginning of the round. I am going to be taking 4 week, and 8 week ones as well just so i can see my BIG muscles developing. Pretty exciting stuff.

Haha don't mind the nappy bag on the door handle .... Bloody kids!!!! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Not so significant to me anymore. I did weigh in last week and had lost 400 grams. I forgot this morning ... oopppsss!!!

Over the weekend i went up to Bundy for my dad's 60th. Had a little bit of a blow out with the food but still managed to train. I am totally loving the L&S program. I can feel i am getting stronger and not struggling as much as i was on the first day. I CAN NOT wait to start seeing results ....... now that will kick me into a whole new level. The weight sessions are good. I love the post session shakes that i get. I love feeling the burn. I love getting that protein into me after a workout. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! That's all i been feeling lately.

So for this weeks weekly surprise we were to do up an inspiration board. IT is so funny how the universe works because i had already printed and cut out all of my stuff for this ready to put together on my next kid free day. SO this first one i done up was for my personal inspiration. As you can see most of it is family. My family are absolutely everything to me. My kids, my husband, my sisters and mum and dad are my world. I have also included a few quotes that i LOVE and live by. The rest of it is to help me with my training, inspirational people and bodies that i just love.

This one is for my home gym. I love all these images and love these quotes. Looking at this everyday before i work out is AWESOME!!!!!  Lots of booty shots ..... can you tell i want a nice booty.One that sits up and doesn't have to be tucked into my undies. Nice round tight booty ........ Oh yeh baby!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Game day

So after finally completing my pre season tasks it's Gooooooooo time!!!!

I was a little bit scared of the L&S program once i seen it. I have never really lifted weights before other than a few hand weights in classes. So once i had all my bits and pieces printed off, watched all the examples of all the exercises, put my 2 year old terror to bed for a midday nap and it was on. On like Donkey Kong!!!!!!

I told myself that i would do the least amount of weight suggested with the most reps on each exercise ......... And i was going to DO IT!!! No pussing out. After my first super set i was like WTF???? Can i really do this, this is crazy heavy for me. But yes i can do it and i bloody well did. I felt AWESOME after it!!!! Now i am pretty sure that i will be sore tomorrow but a good sore .... right???

Anyway i got to my pyramid set and HOLY MOLY ...... that shit is hard. I was thinking to myself it is only an increase of a few kilos for lesser reps ....... EASY AS BRO!!!! Ha ha NOT. I nearly had to call out to the hubby who was in the office to come spot for me. (maybe not spot, i was way past that point, more like come and lift this damn heavy shit off of me.) BUT i got it up, i done it. Surprised myself actually, i'm bloody STRONG mate.

Smashed out the step ups and then the final blast, loving it!! Abs mmmmmm not so much, still struggle hard with them but they will become my friend. Sooner rather than later!!! I dont think i have ever sweat so much during a workout. TOTALLY stuffed after it, even had the post workout shakes. Interesting ........ looking forward to having them again soon.

So what do i think of the L&S program ? ................. bloody AWESOME. I am really looking forward to seeing how much my body changes and how much stronger i become. Was nervous to start with but after getting my first workout out of the way i am ready to SMASH this L&S up.