Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!!

Slowly but surely wins the race. Isn't that what the tortoise said??? That's me ........ the tortoise. Woke up this morning to weigh in and BOOM down 400 grams. 70.4kgs. I can see my goal weight ever so slowly creeping up on me.

68kg 68kg 68kg 68kg 68kg 68kg that's all i'm thinking in my head.

I'm happy. I'm over the moon actually. I have worked pretty hard this week putting in extra training sessions as well as my 10km ones from the program. I can feel myself not wigling so much when i run now. I feel fit. I feel strong. And most of all i am feeling really really HAPPY!!!!
I can see myself smashing this half marathon that i am training for. I am excited!! I am excited for the future. I am excited for life!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parkrun Virgin ....No more

This morning i got a text from my sister asking if Parkrun would still be on due to it raining all night long. Mmmmmm let me check!!! Yep i couldn't find anything to say it isn't so lets go.

We were both so excited to be going, we have been putting it off for a while. It was a miserable, wet, shitty looking day but off we went. I think we were a little to keen, got there pretty early. Oh well we just sat in the car and had a good old chinwag to pass some time.

We started to see fit looking people who we thought looked like parkrunners walk by us as we sat in the car. We were having a good old giggle to oursleves, because some of the people were just going to the markets but we thought they looked like fit Parkrunners, oh we were so wrong. We had no idea of where to go so we just followed some people and hoped they lead us in the right direction. Yes we were right. We were in the right place.

How cool is Parkrun!!!!! The set up, the vibe, the volunteers, the fit looking people and the not so fit looking people (us. HEHE) I was very impressed. We even dida big group warm up, Coolness!!!

So off we went ... Me and Nelly kicking strong. I was so surprised and inspired by seeing different types of people there to run. A Guy with his baby in the pram (cute), a girl with her trainer running with her, even families running together. Most of all a lady running pushing her pram with twins, AWESOME!!! This is definately my new favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. We even got to Meet one of our Fellow 12wbters, very inspirational and exciting to meet success stories from the challenge. Whoop Whoop!!!

Here i am crossing the FINISH line at 30min and 52 sec ...... Oh So proud of myself. I thought i would take at least 45 mins. My sissy even got a good time of 33min 32sec. Go Nelly. We can only get better!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Done done and done and Hap Hap Happy!!! I have only lost 300grams, so 70.8 kgs this week BUT a lose is a lose and it is bringing me so very close to my goal weight. 68kg 68kg 68kg. I am So excited. I love Wednesday's ..... partly because it is weigh in day and partly because it is my kid free day and i get to do whatever i want. So what do i do?? I train for a few hours or more depends on what i feel like doing. Swimming, Boxing, Running, Riding ...... Today i just finished the most intense boxing session. I smashed it and i feel awesome. Burned 763 calories WHOOP WHOOP.

Thinking i might go swim some laps after i finish the housework and before i go pick the kids up.

Today is a good day ....... Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Excited Much

I am SUPER excited to have got my new training shirts that i ordered. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much. Can't wait to get out there and smash it wearing these babies .......... then everyone in the world will know i belong to the 12WBT family. Whoop Whoop !!!!!!

JFDI on the front and RUN MUMMA RUN on the back xx

First Official SSS

On my very first official Super Saturday Session i was away in Maleny with my kids and In-laws at a Farmstay. It was spectacular!!!!

I had it all Sorted .......... I was going to do the L&F program for the Saturday. Once i got there i changed my mind, it was such a beautiful place. I really wanted to get out in the fresh country air and explore this farm. The drive way was beautiful and so i decided to run up and down that baby a few times, ended up being 6. I then went off and found the gates to the back paddocks and a few goat tracks. Run run run that's what i did. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I didn't even have my iPod with me so just the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind, the cows mooing, the horses neighing and the chickens clucking. Not a bad way to spend my first SSS and burn a total of 1065 calories.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in -NUDE!!!

71.1 kg today and i am hap hap happy!!! I have not trained for the last week due to injury and a very sick little boy. I was meant to get out this morning and do it but i just could not bring myself to do it ... WHY!!!! To tired. Ooops there it is, an evil excuse. Nutrition is good.

I have got a session with my personal trainer in the morning so there is kick up the bum that i need. I hate letting him and the other girls in the group down.

I love this saying it is so true for us mummas.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pre Season Task 8 - Measure Up

Measure UP ..... holy moly. DONE!! I am quite happy with my measurements. I compared them to last round and WOW. It is so awesome to have those to look back on, it keeps me motivated to keep getting smaller and smaller numbers.

Not to happy with the weight though. Up 800grams. WHAT the heck!!! I have had just over a week off of training. My neck, shoulder injury is still not 100%. I am still having problems with my girly things, they are pissing me off (mind the french) so i just feel bloated and yuk most of the time. Plus i went to Sydney over the weekend to see family and i did not stick to the nutrition plan 100%. I found out really how hard it is to stick to the plan when you are not fully in control of the food that is being prepared. So i opted for a lot of fresh fruit and snacky types of food.

I am running a little bit behind with Fitness test. I have had a sick baby boy who just wants mummy cuddles and we have not been getting much sleep. BUT tomorrow is the day!!! He is slowly getting better after 4 terrible days. I am going to do my fitness test and get back to light training to get me kicking. I have been good with the nutrition plan so that is a plus.

Still undecided as to what program to do!!!! Lean and fit OR Train for 10km and then move onto the Half marathon training.

Pre Season Task 7 - Organise and diarise

Organise and Diarise - Done. I went out last week and bought myself a training diary. I am still in the process of filling it out with training programs and RED flag days but it is well under way.

Yay bring it xx

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Shitty shitty poo bum ........ I weighed in this morning at 71.8kgs. UP 300 grams. What the hell ... ok ok ok ok don't stress. It is all good!!! I think that once i crack this 71kgs i will be fine. It is all starting to be a mental thing for me now and i just need to learn to let go. I just need to get below 71kgs. I am starting to get to hung up on the scales now, where i shouldn't be. I might be still losing cms??? I haven't taken my measurements myself since last round and i am comfortably fitting into size 10 so I'm kind of Happy. But i still know that if i want to get past this weight i need to SMASH it. My nutrition has been pretty good, besdies the odd chocy bar here and there. I know that is bad i keep telling myself that everytime i put it in my mouth. So why do i keep doing it??? Haha and the mind games begin.

I have had an injury for the last few days as well. Pulled and knotted up my muscles up the right hand side of my back, shoulders and up into my neck, not nice!!!! I'm not happy that i can't get out there and do my boxing classes and go swimming or running. Rest rest rest ........ My body is telling me something. Hurry up body i will give you till Monday to get back to tip top shape because i got goals to smash and exercises to do. So doing my positive affirmations and resting up to get my body healthy again.

"Every day in Every way my body is getting better and better" "Every day in Every way my body is getting better and better" "Every day in Every way my body is getting better and better"

I can not wait till the round kicks off. I need Mish to give me a good kick in the ass.
Come on Monday 13 Feb ..... hurry the hell up!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pre season Task 6 - Kitchen Makeover

DONE - Now this one was easy. I had done this one a few weeks ago because i had so much rubbish/crap food accumulating in the pantry from christmas time. It is so amazing how much crap was in there, i thought i was doing ok ...... BUT NO i wasn't. So apart from a few snacks for the kids school lunches there is no crap food in there. (I have put the kids stuff up out of eye sight)

I'm ready ..................... Bring on Task 7!!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What a surprise

WOW i woke up to an awesome surprise this morning. My lovley, darling, handsome hubby had got this tee made up for me. HOW COOL!!!! I am so getting more done.