Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking Back

After writing my last post i was actually going back through some photos and i figured out that i have done some pretty bloody extraordinary things in the last few months. I have met some amazing inspiring people and i have inspired people.

I got to train with Emazon ......... It was deep. It was raw and it was just what i needed at the time. ( I truly only think that it has just hit me ) Clarity xx

I completed my first ever 10km fun run in 1 hr and 13 sec. I did this ...... ME all by myself!!

I trained with Margie ........ the winner of Biggest Loser 2012 ... How awesome and inspiring was she!!!

I got to meet and chat with UTE ...... the winner of L&S 12WBT. She was so inspiring, mum of 4 and still breast feeding. What the!!!! Amazing strong woman right there. She gives me hope.

 I have inspired my sister in law to get back into training ........ We have decided to do a triathlon together!! Yipee

 I have helped my sister get out of the rut that she was stuck in. I was that annoying person who would not give up and kept ringing her and txting her to come and train and checking on what she ate for the day etc ....... Haha i know she got pissed at me sometimes but i still love her to bits!!!

And finally my Mumma ....... i am so proud of her. I have inspired my mum to start her weight loss/fitness journey. She has lost 8kgs so far and so many more cms from around her body. She is felling healthier and happier and fitter than she ever has. Keep going Mumma, you got this!!! I love you and i am so very proud of you xx

I am pretty damn proud of myself right now. Happy to have been inspired and happy to help inspire people. I really didn't think i had accomplished much over the past few months BUT clearly i HAVE!!!! It just comes back to me time really doesn't it. I am just sitting here on my computer having a bit of me time ............... reflecting on what has been and thinking about all that is still to come.

MIA = Been a slack ass

It has been a good 3 months since my last entry so you know what that means, slack ass to the MAX!!!! Did not even finish the last round of 12WBT, got caught up in all the bullshit that was going on in my head. Gotta love that head space NOT!!

Anyway thought i better get my shit together and sort it. I have still been training, not as hard as i would like to be but hey i'm still giving it a burl. I got to my goal weight and kind of felt lost, didn't really have anywhere else to go from there. So just slowly drifted back in to my old ways. Started to sneak in chocolate here, lollies there, extra meals, stopped counting my calories etc etc etc .... you know where that leads to. Tired, depressed, Sluggish, Dirty at myself for letting it get that far, Failure and the list goes on. I have spent the last few weeks slowly getting my head above water. No excuses really. Just been to busy worrying about everybody else, worrying about making sure Hubby has meals prepared (he is on his health kick and is going great) Making sure that all the chores around the house are done, making sure the kids are all sorted for holidays, you know just putting everyone else before me again. Need to find Me time again. My treadmill broke and oh my lord my world crumbled, i couldn't possibly go run outside oh no. Then i went through the stage of the only time i could work out is if i got up at 5am, im not getting up that early why do i have to get up that early when everyone else gets to sleep in, When hubby can jump in the gym anytime he likes during the day BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Same old bullshit going through my head.

So then i realised I was the only one that could do anything about it. ME ME ME ME ME!!! I have been following a lot of fitness people on instagram, reading a lot of quotes and looking at a load of pictures when i cam across this one. I read it and it totally made sense.

Now since then i have taken one day at a time. I have got my food journal back out. I write everything that i eat for the day plus what workout i do plus 3 things that i am grateful for that day. If i miss a training session i don't get upset about it. I just cop it on the chin and work extra harder on getting my nutrition right and work out harder tomorrow. I have committed to working out every Friday morning with other people. My sister is my training buddy, she keeps me accountable, we are each others rock!! I have been trying out new workouts to mix things up a bit. It is a slow and steady process but i am doing it. Slowly but surely. 

I have been tryin new recipes, green smoothies, different protein ball recipes, muffin recipes, protein bar recipes, granola bars etc etc. So i am really trying to mix it up a bit. I have just found out that there are so many people out there in the fitness world that are willing to pay it forward with all their knowledge. IT is incredible and so inspiring.

So i am happy to say that i am in the right place. Head space that is. Training well and food is under control. I gotta keep up with this because i have set myself some new fitness goals. Will post them soon just so i can be held accountable for them.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

L&S baby

Totes loving this program baby!!! I have increased my weights a few times in the last few weeks. I am really noticing the difference in my lower body strength. Man my legs are strong. Stronger than i give them credit for. Now my upper body is what i was having issues with, i was not quite getting there with the increase in weight and i was doubting myself again. (Damn i hate the games my dumb head plays on me) BUT then i got on my trusty ol Lean & Strong facebook page and asked the question and like ALWAYS they came through with the goods and made me feel better. I love that damn Page!!! So i went in to my brand new workout today with an open mind and really strong muscles haha and VOILA BOOM BANG i was doing my first few reps with ease so UP went the weight. Totes Loved the feeling babe!!! I was smashing out the reps with the Chest press. Feeling OOOOOOOORRRRRRSome right about now.

I love the feeling of getting stronger, i love the feeling of pumping out all those reps and still having some left in the tank. I love how i can smash out MAN push ups (on my toes) I am so much more stronger than i give myself credit for. 

I recently got told that my shoulders are looking good ........ Damn right they are looking good. I have been working my ASS off. I can not wait to see the way my body has changed over the next 9 weeks. Bring it i say!!! Now the eating thing is NOT so good for me. I am still trying to figure out what works for me. I am increasing my protein intake and still really hungry some days so still doing lots of trial and error to see just how many calories my body needs. Still learning how to FUEL up my body. 

This is a pic that i took at the beginning of the round. I am going to be taking 4 week, and 8 week ones as well just so i can see my BIG muscles developing. Pretty exciting stuff.

Haha don't mind the nappy bag on the door handle .... Bloody kids!!!! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Not so significant to me anymore. I did weigh in last week and had lost 400 grams. I forgot this morning ... oopppsss!!!

Over the weekend i went up to Bundy for my dad's 60th. Had a little bit of a blow out with the food but still managed to train. I am totally loving the L&S program. I can feel i am getting stronger and not struggling as much as i was on the first day. I CAN NOT wait to start seeing results ....... now that will kick me into a whole new level. The weight sessions are good. I love the post session shakes that i get. I love feeling the burn. I love getting that protein into me after a workout. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! That's all i been feeling lately.

So for this weeks weekly surprise we were to do up an inspiration board. IT is so funny how the universe works because i had already printed and cut out all of my stuff for this ready to put together on my next kid free day. SO this first one i done up was for my personal inspiration. As you can see most of it is family. My family are absolutely everything to me. My kids, my husband, my sisters and mum and dad are my world. I have also included a few quotes that i LOVE and live by. The rest of it is to help me with my training, inspirational people and bodies that i just love.

This one is for my home gym. I love all these images and love these quotes. Looking at this everyday before i work out is AWESOME!!!!!  Lots of booty shots ..... can you tell i want a nice booty.One that sits up and doesn't have to be tucked into my undies. Nice round tight booty ........ Oh yeh baby!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Game day

So after finally completing my pre season tasks it's Gooooooooo time!!!!

I was a little bit scared of the L&S program once i seen it. I have never really lifted weights before other than a few hand weights in classes. So once i had all my bits and pieces printed off, watched all the examples of all the exercises, put my 2 year old terror to bed for a midday nap and it was on. On like Donkey Kong!!!!!!

I told myself that i would do the least amount of weight suggested with the most reps on each exercise ......... And i was going to DO IT!!! No pussing out. After my first super set i was like WTF???? Can i really do this, this is crazy heavy for me. But yes i can do it and i bloody well did. I felt AWESOME after it!!!! Now i am pretty sure that i will be sore tomorrow but a good sore .... right???

Anyway i got to my pyramid set and HOLY MOLY ...... that shit is hard. I was thinking to myself it is only an increase of a few kilos for lesser reps ....... EASY AS BRO!!!! Ha ha NOT. I nearly had to call out to the hubby who was in the office to come spot for me. (maybe not spot, i was way past that point, more like come and lift this damn heavy shit off of me.) BUT i got it up, i done it. Surprised myself actually, i'm bloody STRONG mate.

Smashed out the step ups and then the final blast, loving it!! Abs mmmmmm not so much, still struggle hard with them but they will become my friend. Sooner rather than later!!! I dont think i have ever sweat so much during a workout. TOTALLY stuffed after it, even had the post workout shakes. Interesting ........ looking forward to having them again soon.

So what do i think of the L&S program ? ................. bloody AWESOME. I am really looking forward to seeing how much my body changes and how much stronger i become. Was nervous to start with but after getting my first workout out of the way i am ready to SMASH this L&S up.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Back ....... I think!!!!

Today was the day that i was going to get my ass up and train. Now i haven't done anything since the Finale in Melbourne. I know I know, that is terrible but i just didn't want to. No excuse at all i just couldn't be bothered. Oh hang on that is an excuse ..... ooooppsss. Anyway so today was the day and today IS the day. No more excuses for me. It is to cold but just put on more clothes you knobhead, it is dark in the morning now so just train in the garage. Duh!! It is not rocket science, maybe i need a rocket shuvved up my bum, yeh that will do it. Haha you get my drift.

So after dropping all 3 kids at school, kindy and daycare i came home to my nice clean house that i cleaned yesterday, only a few loads of washing to fold so i figured today is the day. I got nothing else to do on my kid free day ......  so train it is.  

This round i have decided to go with the Lean & Strong program, i have reached my goal weight so i wanted to really test myself and get my weights ON. Plus i really need to tone up. So off i went onto my trusty old tready and smashed out 6km ..... very happy with that. I love running so i will still try and get a little run in here and there. Not to much cardio though. I got a Jillian Michaels dvd for my birthday called Ripped in 30 so i decided to do a workout from that after my run. BAD IDEA!!! The workout totally smashed me and i LOVED it. I'm Back baby .... I'm back in the groove. I got my g thing baby!!!

So for the rest of the day it ME time. Time to smash out my pre season tasks and get this party rocking. Bring on Round 3 for me!!! L&S baby xx

Jillian Michaels you are my hero and my savior (after Mish of course) you are exactly what i needed on my kid free day. 

NOW time to PARTY

So after all our hard work and spectacular day of being part of a world record it was off to the PARTY babeeeeee with Mish and her crew. WE rocked up a little late, as you do BUT holy it was packed. The room was just beautiful with so many beautiful people in it. It was like a wave hot you once you walked into the room, it was very surreal, very inspiring and really emotional  for me once i walked into that room. To be surrounded by like minded people who have absolutely smashed their goals, who have totally transformed their lives and their bodies was just incredible. I got a little teary, it was so very touching. Mish should be so proud of herself!!!

We meet up with our QLD girls and partied hard with them. they are all so much fun and we even made a few new friends along the way. I loved talking to everyone about their achievements. It was totally awesome to get to see all the girls in something other than their training gear, a few i had to do a double take because i didn't recognise them. Haha!!

My sister and i had an awesome night. We got to meet new people, we got to party with all the girls who we have trained with over the past 12 weeks. I also got to meet the most inspiring person, who helped me decide to sign up for another round and she was the reason why i decided to do Lean and Strong this round.  Miss Jaded!!! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and your words of encouragement.