Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smashed out some calories on the Weekend

Last weekend my big sister and kids came down from Bundaberg for a visit. She is doing the 12 WBT also and has struggled to burn anymore than 500 calories SO my other sister and i decided that we would give her a little helping hand and a big kick up the bum in the right direction. We had planned out an EPIC weekend of training for us all.

We started off our weekend with a few laps at the local pool (it was a little chilly and we were talking to much so not many laps got done) followed by an hour and a half long boxing session that i managed to burn 980 calories in and she burned 800 and something. So i was very proud of her. We then came home to do our 6 Minute sweat session, i have got everyone onto this and we are all going good with it. We ended up with a little bit of a crowd. All the kids came into the garage to watch us (more like laugh at us all) Little shits!!!!

And we ended the weekend off with The GI Jane PIP bootcamp. How awesome was that!!!!!! We had so much fun there. We even put on a bit of war paint to get into the spirit of things. So all up we had a great work out weekend. My BIG sister was happy and it kicked started her journey again for her. But the most important thing was that we got to do it all together. I am so happy to be able to do this program with my sisters, last round i done it by myself and was kind of feeling lonely.
My next goal is to sign my mum up for the next round with me, she sounds keen but we will see when it comes to D day.

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