Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake Up - Wee - Weigh In - NUDE!!!

Well that is exactly what i did yesterday and Poo, shit, bum!!! It was not good. I didnt' post yesterday because i thought that maybe if i didn't acknowledge it it would go away. Haha WRONG!!!!

Now my weight as of yesterday was 70.2kgs WTF??? Not a happy camper. I was so friggin close last week. 300 grams off of my goal weight and BOOM up to that. Damn it. Now it is that time of the month and i do put on at least a few kgs BUT really now. I don't want to wait till next week to hit my weight. It was kind of depressing.

I did manage to get out and exercise yesterday morning but didn't do much. I had DOMS something terrible. I have really been upping my training with my legs and my Ass, now i need my ass to sit up by itself and not giggle so much when i walk. Tone tone tone is what i have been focusing on. SO i was feeling down and crappy, just wanted to eat all the chocolate in the world when DADA i get a text. It was from my personal trainer who just happens to be the current Australian Light Middle weight boxing champ. I have been training with him for a while now but he had a bit of time off due to him getting married and going away. I also had some time off of boxing with my injuries BUT it was just what i needed at the time. He said you keen to get back into it tomorrow morning ... I was like HELL YEH!!! It was just what i needed, a good kick up the bum.

So i trained hard this morning and smashed out 415 calories in a half hour session. Oh how i have missed my boxing training, i bloody love it. You get to smash those pads .... oh it feels so good. So thank you Tyrone for that life saving text, because of that little text i am back in the game and more focused than ever now.

Ready to smash out these last few weeks and finish just the way i started.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to stop Playin

Ok now if i have done my calculations right i have just over 10 weeks to get me to where i need to be to run this half marathon on the Gold Coast.

I need to trust in myself and know that i can do this.
I need to stick to my diet and training schedule.
I need to put in the hard yards and the early mornings to make this goal become reality.
I need to BELIEVE in myself.

Now i have a few red flags coming up during this process BUT i need to be strong and power on toward my goal. For one there is the 12WBT finale and then there is my birthday. I need to not go stupid and still enjoy myself but remember all the hard work i have put in to get me to where i am today. I am NOT going to spoil that!!!

So in saying that i will be getting up in the morning and i AM going to run 2 x city loops which will be just over 12kms. I can so do this, when i run just one loop i feel that i could so go again so tomorrow is D day for me and then this will just prove to me that i AM and i WILL be ready for this half marathon on the 1st July.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My latest Photo

This is just a random pic of me that my hubby took while i was sorting the washing .................

Bahaha i effing wish my ass looked like this. Got ya!!!!! My ass will look like this one day and then i will really take a photo of myself to show you all. lol

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!!

Holy shit was not looking forward to this day with all of the bloody chocolate i have eaten over the last few days and the pretty average few weeks that i have had with my food. BUT i was ready to grin and bear it and cop it on the chin. Now the last few weeks the scales have been heading in the wrong direction, UP!!! What the hell.

So with my naked little body and my fingers crossed i jumped on those scale this morning and VOILA ...... 68.3kgs today. Whoop Diddty Whoop. Pretty happy with how it worked out this morning. I have slumped a bit over the last few weeks, i have been training like an animal on heat BUT also eating like one. Booooooo.

So far this round i have lost a total of 4.5kgs (they say the last 5kgs is a mongrel to lose and they aint lying) I am in the healthy BMI range 24.2, exactly where i want to be. And i have lost a total of 26cm off my body.

So i am pretty happy with that. I am only 300 grams off of my goal weight ............. Come on baby i can do this!!!!

LISA CURRY - What more can i say!!

When an awesome opportunity came my way to train with Lisa Curry how could i say no. Who cares if i had to get up at 4am and make the 1 and a half hr drive to the sunshine coast. That's nothing!!! Pffft well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

When Lisa posted on her facebook page that she was holding an open training session in Alexandra Headlands i immediately rang my sister and told here that we had to do this. She was like yes for sure and then when we started to work out what time we had to get up, how long the drive was, whether or not she had to take the kids, it all started to seem a little to hard but JFDI thats what we did. Up at 4am, my sister had to drag her kids out of bed (along with a niece to look after them while we trained) then off on a road trip to train with Lisa Curry OMG.

We arrived and it was still dark (yay not). Slowly more and more people showed up. There were quite a few of us that made the trip down from Brisbane, What an awesome effort. We went and met Lisa and WHOA she was buff as. Her guns were amazing and she looked fab. I was a little star struck as i was a huge fan of her when she was a swimmer and Grant when he was a life saver. She was so lovely and really down to earth. We had the best session. The sun was rising over the water, we were training on the top of the hill with the waves crashing below ...... now this is my dream workout location. We jogged, we smashed our legs, we ran up hills and we annihilated our abs. WOW what a session. I managed to burn 780 calories in the hour and man she made us work hard for them.

After the session we all got a photo, even my little nephews who we dragged out of bed managed get in the photo, so cute!!! Because they were such good boys we promised them a swim in the ocean ........ The best finish ever to an awesome start to the day. Mooloolaba was amazing and so busy so early in the morning. The water was so refreshing, definately worth the 4am wake up call.

I would do it again in a heart beat.

Oxfam Fundraiser walk

Now when i seen that the ladies who are doing the Oxfam 100km trail walk were having a fundraiser day/walk i was like HELL YEH!!!!

I'm always looking for new and exciting things to put into my training schedule to mix things up a bit. It was so much fun. I was really surprised that i enjoyed it so much. It did take us just under 3 hours to walk a 11.4km track BUT it went really quick. Now there was 2 bloody BIG hills that we had to go up and down but hey that is part of the fun right. It got my heart rate up and my legs burning but it felt good. What an awesome start to a long weekend. My sister and i were up about 4.30am to get up to Mount Cootha and meet all the other women doing the walk. What a great turn out we had, i think it ended up being around 28 of us. How cool is that!!!!

Now we only did the final section that these lovely ladies have to do in their hike and it was the easiest apparently. Holy i really admire these women but think they are crazy at the same time. I mean 100kms in 48hrs NON STOP. What the???? What an awesome thing these ladies are doing, raising funds for Oxfam.

All up it was a great way to burn some calories and meet some more of the 12WBT family. I think i hit 960 calories burned, hows that for 3 hours work!!! I love this damn program and all the things that it has to offer in so many different ways.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake Up - Wee - Weigh In - NUDE!!!

Poo shit bum ass ...... The scales are going in the wrong direction. I am up again this week. 69.8kgs is where i am at right now!!!

I promised myself that i wouldn't do this, that i wouldn't fall off the wagon like i did last round. It seems like De JaVu. What the hell????

Now i have not been exercising much these last few weeks and been eating enough crappy food for an army. I'm rebelling lol. I have my period and have felt down for the last few days BUT i have managed to train every day this week so far. YAY for me. I even went for a run this morning and then going to boxing fitness tonight with my sissy. Just what i need i think. So i am going to do my measurements at the end of the week after my bloated fat period belly goes away. I have been getting my migraines back as well .... i know this is my body telling me to stop doing all this dumb shit to it and get my act together. I'm listening body, just bear with me while i go through this little patch and i will be back on it.

Thank you Body for being so fabulous!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So after my BIG epic weekend of training last week i have not done anything but sit on my medium size ass and eat and eat and eat and eat!!!! F*%#

What the hell am i doing??? I really don't know where this has come from. I know what i need to do to achieve my goals and that ain't it. What the hell is going on in this little head of mine???

Maybe i am scared of failure, of letting people down. If i just don't try i won't have live up to my promises, up to my word. If i stop now it won't be that much of an issue because the half marathon is still like 12 weeks away and people will forget what i had said by then. Why the hell am i having these thoughts??? It all just seems to hard for me at the moment. The thought of running a half marathon scares the shit out of me. It sounded all good in theory but once you actually sign up for it and commit, holy shit!!!!!

I am in a bad mental place at the moment and i need to pull back and refocus. Maybe go back through the pre season tasks and watch all the videos AGAIN!!!! I need motivation, i need consistency and i need balance in my life. I didn't lose any weight last week and i kind of used the TTOTM excuse and the nearly at my goal weight excuse. I have to re visit my goals, i know i can do it. I know that the goals i have set for myself are achievable, i just need to want to do it. I can't be bothered!!!!

So in saying that i got up early this morning, got dressed and drove down to the river. I argued and fought with myself the whole way, even sat in the car and pondered whether to get out and go for a run or not. IT was still dark and no one else was around. Yes, No, Will I, Won't I SO yes i did. Got my ass out of the car and started to run. Now i was not feeling it at all, i kept playing with my ipod trying to find music to get me in the right mood, was cursing myself thinking what the hell am i doing. Then by the time i got into a groove i was half way around the loop and thought 'SHIT i gotta get all the way back over there to where my car is' so i had to keep on running. I did finish the 6.2km loop and i was not happy about it BUT it was done. I was still arguing with myself when i had finished and then i thought shut the hell up it is done, get home to your kids!!! It is so draining arguing with yourself.

Oh the conversations i have to myself in my head ... they are really quite amusing once i think about it.

So here's to a new week and a new plan of attack. To stay positive and to be grateful. To take one day at a time and to be HAPPY xx xx

Smashed out some calories on the Weekend

Last weekend my big sister and kids came down from Bundaberg for a visit. She is doing the 12 WBT also and has struggled to burn anymore than 500 calories SO my other sister and i decided that we would give her a little helping hand and a big kick up the bum in the right direction. We had planned out an EPIC weekend of training for us all.

We started off our weekend with a few laps at the local pool (it was a little chilly and we were talking to much so not many laps got done) followed by an hour and a half long boxing session that i managed to burn 980 calories in and she burned 800 and something. So i was very proud of her. We then came home to do our 6 Minute sweat session, i have got everyone onto this and we are all going good with it. We ended up with a little bit of a crowd. All the kids came into the garage to watch us (more like laugh at us all) Little shits!!!!

And we ended the weekend off with The GI Jane PIP bootcamp. How awesome was that!!!!!! We had so much fun there. We even put on a bit of war paint to get into the spirit of things. So all up we had a great work out weekend. My BIG sister was happy and it kicked started her journey again for her. But the most important thing was that we got to do it all together. I am so happy to be able to do this program with my sisters, last round i done it by myself and was kind of feeling lonely.
My next goal is to sign my mum up for the next round with me, she sounds keen but we will see when it comes to D day.