Friday, May 4, 2012

Mount Warning

A few weeks back my sisters and i went and climbed Mount Warning ... WOW!!! It was so different to what i expected. Great fun and very chilly.

Our day started at 2.30am, yes that's right 2.30am!! Might i just add that that was after only 2 hours sleep due to my awesome kids being little terrors but hey that is a whole different story. So off we went down to coast. Now we had no idea where to go or what to expect so it was a fun adventure. We took the wrong route (of course we did) and ended up on some seedy looking back windy roads full of fog, it was also raining so it was the stuff straight out of a horror movie kind of thing. Now one sister was in the back sleeping and i was awake with the other trying to keep her awake. Then we came over this hill on a pitch black road when this guy came running out on to the st waving his arms ..... ummm what the F?? I was saying to my sister 'do not wind the window down. He came to the window and asked us if we had a rope to help pull him and his mate out of the ditch .... HELL NO!!! We just kept driving. Sorry mate.

Finally get to the Mountain, pitch black put on our little head lamps and off we go. It was wet, muddy, rocky, cold and windy .... all of the good things. But it was an experience. Walking through the tracks hearing all different noises not knowing what is 2 feet in front of us. One of my sisters just kept asking ' how long have we been walking for' Are we half way yet' How much longer to go', i was like shut the hell up, you are wrecking my buzzzz. We were hoping to get to the summit before the sun rose .... well we missed that BUT due to the shitty day you couldn't see anything up at the summit anyway so it worked out well. 

Now it was challenging at the best of times but then we hit the final ascent .... Holy Moly!! Really a chain on a rock face. Now this is going to hurt. But we did it!!! It was fantastic to know that we had all achieved something like that and to do it with my sisters was great.

We sat up on the summit with about 12 other people eating our yummy packed lunch. I couldn't believe how many people were up there, crazy people like ourselves. We started our descent and it seemed to be so much faster then on the way up. There was more to look at and lots of cool places to stop and take some photos. Every person we passed going up i was like 'good luck, do you know how far you still have to go.' Sneaky lil laugh to myself. We ended up getting home about 11am, so it was an Epic day for us.

The hike took us about 4 hours. That was with a stop at the summit for breakfast. It was so worth doing and i am glad that i did it. I manages to burn 2985 calories in the process so that my SSS done!!!!

Yay i done it!!!!

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