Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My training environment

Well this is it. My training space, my little cave that i love to hide away in. Don't mind the rubbish in the corner, the bikes and buckets in the other and the garden tools on the wall. I just push all that to the side to get my little bit of training space that i need. Unfortunately this is what reality looks like .............. we would all like that gym that has wall to wall mirrors, all the best equipment, loads of space to move around etc etc but it just doesn't' happen here. But hey i'm not complaining, i just make do with what i got.

Now i am lucky enough to have one of those hubbies that is obsessed with setting the gym up really nice and buying all the top equipment, have a tv and stereo system in there and mats on the ground because he is obsessed with UFC. (Not that he gets in there very often to use it but hey, Thanks baby) WE have loads of stuff in the gym. Weights, Smith bench, Tready, Boxing bag, Fitball, pads and skipping ropes just to name a few so i have pretty much everything in there that i need to smash out a workout.

So this is it, between here and the Brisbane river run, this is where i get my workouts done. I love to mix it up a little and go to boxing sessions and swimming as well. But my most favourite thing to do at the moment is RUNNING. (Hence my Blog name) And the Brisbane river run is just so peaceful with stunning views. There are stairs, hills, road and grass so you can mix it up along the way. I love our City!!!!

Below are a few pics of me after i had just finished an EPIC training session in my home gym, BUGGERED. I burned 780 calories in 1hr 14min. Even my legs were sweating, YUK!!! Haha and looking very Sexy .............. NOT!!!!

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