Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Weekend for Run Mumma Run

HOLY MOLY what a weekend Run Mumma Run had. How awesome was it???? It was great fun. It started with Parkrun ........ now i have decided that this is my new Fav thing to do on a Saturday morning and doing with my Sissy makes it so much more fun. I wasn't really feeling it though this week, thought i would struggle a little but HELL no i smashed my last time by 2mins and 48 sec BOOM!!! And that was even with a quick stop and run off to the bushes because i thought i was going to spew ... Shame!!! But alas i didn't. Whoop whoop what a start to a great weekend.

Next was the IWD fun run with the 12WBT ladies on Sunday morning. I was very lucky that the in laws come over to take my kids for the day so that i could do this event, (hubby worked Saturday night and he was getting home as i was leaving, so i don't think he could of stayed up till i got home later in the day.) I am very grateful to have such great support around me. Now this event was SO much fun. We all got dressed up in our Tutus and Tiaras for something to do. It was great to finally get to meet some the girls and put faces to forum names and Facebook profiles. Now i was feeling mighty cute in my Tutu and Tiara and i felt like i could run a marathon lol. Now we knew that the time would not be so good due to all the people so we just decided to have some fun and that we did.

As we were jogging along with some of the other girls having a laugh i heard "Run Mumma Run", it was one of the other girls that i had met at Parkrun on Saturday morning . Haha my sister says to me 'your famous' lol we could not stop laughing. Yes i am, yes i am famous NOT. We had a great time and next time we are going to make mum do it with us.

So after the run the hot stepped it to New Farm park for our first session of PIP. Whooooo it was a tough one. Lucky it rained on us so it kept us nice and cool but that didn't help me hold those bloody static whatever you call them. They were a killer. It was great to meet Mase and Angela. It was also great seeing some of the other ladies backing it up after the fun run.

Let's just say that on Monday morning my 5 year old daughter had to help/kick me out of bed. Sore Sore Sore everywhere. Legs and Abs especially. But it was a good sore. I couldn't even sit on the toilet and then it hurt when i was laughing at myself trying to sit on the toilet, total comedy of errors happening right there.

So that was my Mini Milestone weekend, It was fun, it was tough, it was a big one and i loved it. Wish i could do that every weekend.

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