Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Back ....... I think!!!!

Today was the day that i was going to get my ass up and train. Now i haven't done anything since the Finale in Melbourne. I know I know, that is terrible but i just didn't want to. No excuse at all i just couldn't be bothered. Oh hang on that is an excuse ..... ooooppsss. Anyway so today was the day and today IS the day. No more excuses for me. It is to cold but just put on more clothes you knobhead, it is dark in the morning now so just train in the garage. Duh!! It is not rocket science, maybe i need a rocket shuvved up my bum, yeh that will do it. Haha you get my drift.

So after dropping all 3 kids at school, kindy and daycare i came home to my nice clean house that i cleaned yesterday, only a few loads of washing to fold so i figured today is the day. I got nothing else to do on my kid free day ......  so train it is.  

This round i have decided to go with the Lean & Strong program, i have reached my goal weight so i wanted to really test myself and get my weights ON. Plus i really need to tone up. So off i went onto my trusty old tready and smashed out 6km ..... very happy with that. I love running so i will still try and get a little run in here and there. Not to much cardio though. I got a Jillian Michaels dvd for my birthday called Ripped in 30 so i decided to do a workout from that after my run. BAD IDEA!!! The workout totally smashed me and i LOVED it. I'm Back baby .... I'm back in the groove. I got my g thing baby!!!

So for the rest of the day it ME time. Time to smash out my pre season tasks and get this party rocking. Bring on Round 3 for me!!! L&S baby xx

Jillian Michaels you are my hero and my savior (after Mish of course) you are exactly what i needed on my kid free day. 

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