Thursday, May 24, 2012

Being a part of a World Record ... Boom!!!

All i can say is WOW!!! My sister and i went to the Finale in Melbourne, the group workout and the PARTY that followed. We got to meet Mish and she was just so lovley. Her assistant was trying to get her to leave and she was like 'I don't mind'. She really made time for all of us which made us feel so special. It was raining and cold, wet and miserable but Our mission for the day was to just get a photo with Mish. So we stalked her and just hung around where she was hoping that we would snag her. While everyone else was enjoying the other activities that was going on my sister and i made the decision to stay near the gates where the group workout was going to be held and hope for the best. IT WORKED!!!! Mish came to the gates and we jumped right in and cuddled her and said Thank you and all that jibberish stuff. I'm sure i held her so tight i nearly squeezed the life out of her!!!! But what an amazing, inspiring, exciting, moving and encouraging women. I mean we all know that right, that's why we are doing her program. But it is just so way better in person. Margie was there and so was Alex from the biggest loser so it was just really a big workout party.

So we started off in the freezing cold, i mean freezing cold. It was raining as well to make it even worse BUT it was so worth it. We got to meet and talk to Mish's support crew. they were all so lovely and encouraging. The group work out was INSANE ..... so so much fun!!! 


To be a part of this World Record was AWESOME!! The actual workout was intense and fun fun fun. It was a circuit workout so different stations doing different exercises then running between them. WE braved the weather and took off all our layers before we started training, we didn't stay cold for long, my heart rate went through the roof once we got going. Just seeing all different types of people out there giving it a go was inspirational in itself. A whole lot of like minded people in the same place working toward the same goal .... How awesome is that!!!


It was such a wonderful experience and to be able to do it with my sister was the BEST!!! We had such a great weekend together. Just the vibe from all the people was very cool. We even made some new friends as well as got to do this with our girls from Brisbane. What a great bunch, you really do feel like a family with all the 12WBT crew.

Now Mish i know you have probably heard this a thousand times but THANK YOU. Thank you for bringing me back to life. Before this program i was just an overweight mum who loved her kids and husband, who would always put there needs first. Never had time for myself, just going about everyday life with no zest or no meaning ............. Now i am a Super sexy mumma who is at her goal weight. Who has so many goals to achieve over the next year. Who looks forward to everyday, who is happier, healthier and setting a great example for my children. I have even found some new loves in my life ..... I love running, i love lifting weights, i love getting sweaty, i love having goals to smash and i love MYSELF.

I love you Mish .......... Thank you from my whole body ( bottom of the heart just didn't seem enough hehe )

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