Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in - NUDE!!!

Shitty shitty poo bum ........ I weighed in this morning at 71.8kgs. UP 300 grams. What the hell ... ok ok ok ok don't stress. It is all good!!! I think that once i crack this 71kgs i will be fine. It is all starting to be a mental thing for me now and i just need to learn to let go. I just need to get below 71kgs. I am starting to get to hung up on the scales now, where i shouldn't be. I might be still losing cms??? I haven't taken my measurements myself since last round and i am comfortably fitting into size 10 so I'm kind of Happy. But i still know that if i want to get past this weight i need to SMASH it. My nutrition has been pretty good, besdies the odd chocy bar here and there. I know that is bad i keep telling myself that everytime i put it in my mouth. So why do i keep doing it??? Haha and the mind games begin.

I have had an injury for the last few days as well. Pulled and knotted up my muscles up the right hand side of my back, shoulders and up into my neck, not nice!!!! I'm not happy that i can't get out there and do my boxing classes and go swimming or running. Rest rest rest ........ My body is telling me something. Hurry up body i will give you till Monday to get back to tip top shape because i got goals to smash and exercises to do. So doing my positive affirmations and resting up to get my body healthy again.

"Every day in Every way my body is getting better and better" "Every day in Every way my body is getting better and better" "Every day in Every way my body is getting better and better"

I can not wait till the round kicks off. I need Mish to give me a good kick in the ass.
Come on Monday 13 Feb ..... hurry the hell up!!!

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