Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parkrun Virgin ....No more

This morning i got a text from my sister asking if Parkrun would still be on due to it raining all night long. Mmmmmm let me check!!! Yep i couldn't find anything to say it isn't so lets go.

We were both so excited to be going, we have been putting it off for a while. It was a miserable, wet, shitty looking day but off we went. I think we were a little to keen, got there pretty early. Oh well we just sat in the car and had a good old chinwag to pass some time.

We started to see fit looking people who we thought looked like parkrunners walk by us as we sat in the car. We were having a good old giggle to oursleves, because some of the people were just going to the markets but we thought they looked like fit Parkrunners, oh we were so wrong. We had no idea of where to go so we just followed some people and hoped they lead us in the right direction. Yes we were right. We were in the right place.

How cool is Parkrun!!!!! The set up, the vibe, the volunteers, the fit looking people and the not so fit looking people (us. HEHE) I was very impressed. We even dida big group warm up, Coolness!!!

So off we went ... Me and Nelly kicking strong. I was so surprised and inspired by seeing different types of people there to run. A Guy with his baby in the pram (cute), a girl with her trainer running with her, even families running together. Most of all a lady running pushing her pram with twins, AWESOME!!! This is definately my new favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. We even got to Meet one of our Fellow 12wbters, very inspirational and exciting to meet success stories from the challenge. Whoop Whoop!!!

Here i am crossing the FINISH line at 30min and 52 sec ...... Oh So proud of myself. I thought i would take at least 45 mins. My sissy even got a good time of 33min 32sec. Go Nelly. We can only get better!!!

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  1. Great time Jasmine. Sorry I didn't meet you yesterday as I had to leave with a takeaway coffee straight afterwards. See you next week - just look for the baby belly!