Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wednesday = Weigh In Day

Wake up - Wee - Weigh in ..... NUDE!!!!

So this is still my Wednesday morning ritual and today is a good day....... 72 kgs on the dot. Which i am happy with, i got my girly things yesterday so i always bloat up an extra kg or 2. So i am HAPPY !!!!

I set my alarm this morning for 4.40am to get up and go for a run but with my aching body and my tummy cramps i decided to hit the sleep button. I will just call today me rest day. I have learned over the last round that i need to listen to my body, if it is tired rest it and then it will perform better for me tomorrow. May even just go for a walk or i might even have a nana nap later today. But today is definatley a lazy day for me with the way that i am feeling. No stuffing my face with chocolate etc like i used to when i got my period, it only took me 12 weeks to realise that that was just another one of my EXCUSES. 'I've got my period so i can eat as much chocolate, chips, lollies and soft drink as i want' HELL NO you can't, deal with it like every other woman in the world and stick to your guns.

I can happily say now that this is not a RED flag for me anymore!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy

Ok so i am putting it out there my goal weight. I was around 70kgs pre babies so i thought i would go one better and crack the 70kg mark and shoot for 68kgs that's it. No reason other than i just want to get below 70kgs.

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