Monday, January 16, 2012

My 12WBT journey

January 17 2012 .... this means that pre season started yesterday. Yah bloody hoooo. I could not wait for this round to kick off, i have been biting at the bit. This will be my second round of the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program and the second round for my new found lease on life.

This program has taught me so much about myself. It has taught me that i am more than just a mum, housewife, sister and wife. I am an amazing strong, resilient, loving, inspiring, joyous, courageous, energetic, fun loving mumma. With all the daily chores and stresses that we have in life we sometimes lose OURSELVES. I am so glad that i signed up for this program. I found myself again. I have that zest for life back, i haven't had that since i had my first child. You kind of get lost in the whole new baby thing, eat, feed, change nappies, do the washing, cook dinner, clean the house and the cycle goes on then you have more babies and it just keeps on going on and on. Don't get me wrong i LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids, maybe a little bit to much because i was giving them ALL of ME and not saving any of it for myself.

But this is my year. My big girl is off to Prep, my other baby is off to Kindy and my baby boy is off to daycare. Which means ME time. During the last round i managed to lose 6.1kg and approx 48cm off of my body, that was only doing the program half heartedly. This round i am ALL IN. I am only a few kgs away from my goal weight so once i hit that i will be toning up this bad boy of a bod. I am looking forward to SMASHING all of my goals this year, and wholy moly don't i have heaps. ( I will post them a little later, so then i will be held accountable for them)

So this is the start of my journey to a healthier, happier, better version of MYSELF.

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