Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MIA = Been a slack ass

It has been a good 3 months since my last entry so you know what that means, slack ass to the MAX!!!! Did not even finish the last round of 12WBT, got caught up in all the bullshit that was going on in my head. Gotta love that head space NOT!!

Anyway thought i better get my shit together and sort it. I have still been training, not as hard as i would like to be but hey i'm still giving it a burl. I got to my goal weight and kind of felt lost, didn't really have anywhere else to go from there. So just slowly drifted back in to my old ways. Started to sneak in chocolate here, lollies there, extra meals, stopped counting my calories etc etc etc .... you know where that leads to. Tired, depressed, Sluggish, Dirty at myself for letting it get that far, Failure and the list goes on. I have spent the last few weeks slowly getting my head above water. No excuses really. Just been to busy worrying about everybody else, worrying about making sure Hubby has meals prepared (he is on his health kick and is going great) Making sure that all the chores around the house are done, making sure the kids are all sorted for holidays, you know just putting everyone else before me again. Need to find Me time again. My treadmill broke and oh my lord my world crumbled, i couldn't possibly go run outside oh no. Then i went through the stage of the only time i could work out is if i got up at 5am, im not getting up that early why do i have to get up that early when everyone else gets to sleep in, When hubby can jump in the gym anytime he likes during the day BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! Same old bullshit going through my head.

So then i realised I was the only one that could do anything about it. ME ME ME ME ME!!! I have been following a lot of fitness people on instagram, reading a lot of quotes and looking at a load of pictures when i cam across this one. I read it and it totally made sense.

Now since then i have taken one day at a time. I have got my food journal back out. I write everything that i eat for the day plus what workout i do plus 3 things that i am grateful for that day. If i miss a training session i don't get upset about it. I just cop it on the chin and work extra harder on getting my nutrition right and work out harder tomorrow. I have committed to working out every Friday morning with other people. My sister is my training buddy, she keeps me accountable, we are each others rock!! I have been trying out new workouts to mix things up a bit. It is a slow and steady process but i am doing it. Slowly but surely. 

I have been tryin new recipes, green smoothies, different protein ball recipes, muffin recipes, protein bar recipes, granola bars etc etc. So i am really trying to mix it up a bit. I have just found out that there are so many people out there in the fitness world that are willing to pay it forward with all their knowledge. IT is incredible and so inspiring.

So i am happy to say that i am in the right place. Head space that is. Training well and food is under control. I gotta keep up with this because i have set myself some new fitness goals. Will post them soon just so i can be held accountable for them.

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