Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking Back

After writing my last post i was actually going back through some photos and i figured out that i have done some pretty bloody extraordinary things in the last few months. I have met some amazing inspiring people and i have inspired people.

I got to train with Emazon ......... It was deep. It was raw and it was just what i needed at the time. ( I truly only think that it has just hit me ) Clarity xx

I completed my first ever 10km fun run in 1 hr and 13 sec. I did this ...... ME all by myself!!

I trained with Margie ........ the winner of Biggest Loser 2012 ... How awesome and inspiring was she!!!

I got to meet and chat with UTE ...... the winner of L&S 12WBT. She was so inspiring, mum of 4 and still breast feeding. What the!!!! Amazing strong woman right there. She gives me hope.

 I have inspired my sister in law to get back into training ........ We have decided to do a triathlon together!! Yipee

 I have helped my sister get out of the rut that she was stuck in. I was that annoying person who would not give up and kept ringing her and txting her to come and train and checking on what she ate for the day etc ....... Haha i know she got pissed at me sometimes but i still love her to bits!!!

And finally my Mumma ....... i am so proud of her. I have inspired my mum to start her weight loss/fitness journey. She has lost 8kgs so far and so many more cms from around her body. She is felling healthier and happier and fitter than she ever has. Keep going Mumma, you got this!!! I love you and i am so very proud of you xx

I am pretty damn proud of myself right now. Happy to have been inspired and happy to help inspire people. I really didn't think i had accomplished much over the past few months BUT clearly i HAVE!!!! It just comes back to me time really doesn't it. I am just sitting here on my computer having a bit of me time ............... reflecting on what has been and thinking about all that is still to come.

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